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What is community forums?
The community forums is the segment of webpages, where the doubts can be cleared or a perfect solution can be obtained .It is a tool introduced mainly for learning purposes.

What are all done?
1. Discuss the topic: Each and everyone can discuss unique topics of their choice. It is done to share knowledge.
2. Ask doubts: Each and everyone who are active in the forum community can ask doubts .The doubts can be cleared by other forum mates. Generally it is done depending upon the popularity of the forum.
3. Clarify doubts of others: Everyone have the equal rights to clarify the doubts. It may be wrong or right your participation is the important.
Benefits of forum:

  • You can clear the doubts from experts.

  • Free of cost

  • Share knowledge of world standard.

  • Can able to access anywhere at anytime.

  • Lifelong learning process.


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