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What is Dynamic website?
The Dynamic website is the one in which its page changes automatically. It is exactly opposite to the static site. It contains server side scripting or client side scripting, so that it changes the content. It also comes with the combination of both server side scripting and client side scripting.

How they designed?
It is usually designed with the web scripting methods like ASP or PHP. It contains pages that are generated in real time.

How it works?
On accessing the dynamic page, the code of the respective page is parsed on the Web server and the resulting HTML is passes to the client's Web browser.

Advantages of dynamic website:
1. User friendly: The main advantage of the dynamic website is user friendly. Unlike static websites, its contents are changed automatically.
2. Storage: Dynamic websites have vast database for storing its information and it can be accesses anytime.
3. Easy modification: Since these websites are done in High Programming languages, modifications and editing becomes pretty easy.
4. Attractive Layout: It highly supports advanced graphic design .It gives neat and clean layout. Professional look can be obtained.


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