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What is news portal?
A news portal is a website which can provide current affairs. It can be accessed by all. The only thing you need is a PC or laptop or smartphone with good internet connection. Nowadays there are more apps are available to deliver current affairs. This can an effective way to deliver the news.

How they work?
There are plenty of news channels that are available in each and every language. Many news channels are having app. We can easily get the news from notifications.

How to create?
These portals can be effectively created from high level programming languages like PHP, java, python. Developers prefer to use Java because of its robustness and the wide availability of tool kits.

Online newspaper: Some of the news sites ask money to read, in some of the sites we can access it for free. There are different sections in payment i.e. yearly subscription and monthly subscription. We can also read magazines online.

Benefits of online newspapers:

  • We can eradicate the paper cost. ( accessing newspapers from free websites )

  • Travel expenses can be eradicated.

  • We can get the newspaper of any date.


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