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What is a travel portal?
Travel portal is a site, from which we can pre book online tickets for transportation. The travel portal is majorly used for booking airline tickets and railway tickets. Some countries also use travel portal for various purpose of transportation mediums.

History behind travel portal?
The booking of tickets in travel portal is pretty easier nowadays. In old days we used to approach agencies to book. Some agencies book tickets on higher commission rates when there was availability of cheap fares. These are all overcome by online travel portals. They show you fares with lower prices and even update you the schedule.

How to approach?
The things you have to do is find a popular portal - mostly Prefer government portal - signup and log in there - search for availability - book tickets - pay money for the tickets using internet banking - Enjoy your travel. You can also even cancel the travel if anything is happened unfortunately.


  • No tension while travel.

  • Less waiting hours.

  • Don't worry if you miss the tickets, you can download it anywhere if required.


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